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Watch The Exhibition Trailer (the video is not the exhibition)

In-Person Viewing 3/13/23 — 6/19/23. THE EXHIBITION HAS ENDED.

Artist Bio:

Davion "Dismoc Le Ma" Coleman is a multidisciplinary designer/artist currently residing and working in St. Louis, MO. His area of focus is mainly print design, illustration, and digital media. In December of 2013, Dismoc joined the RAW: Natural Born Artist organization. Since his joining Dismoc has been featured in eleven showcases in eleven different cities sponsored by RAW. Months after joining RAW, Dismoc was selected for a solo exhibition in St. Charles MO. Dismoc creative workings have been featured with prestigious companies such as Adobe and distinguished wine and spirits such as Seagram’s Gin.

In 2017 Dismoc received the Royal Dragonfly award for his illustrative work on a children's book entitled Smile Big Dream Bigger. In 2019 Dismoc released his first children's book he wrote and illustrated called Paw Paw How Did I Get My Gigabytes. Dismoc is currently continuing his passion for the field, designing for several companies, and spreading his art around the country.

Artist Statement:

Warfroism is a tribute to the unsung freedom warriors across the African diaspora. The works showcase individuals who fought relentlessly for freedom, justice, and equality, but whose names are not always celebrated in mainstream history. Through my art, I seek to honor the bravery and strength of these individuals and elevate their stories for future generations to learn from. My goal is to inspire viewers to reflect on the contributions of these often-overlooked heroes and to recognize that their legacies continue to shape the world we live in today. By shining a light on these unsung warriors, I hope to inspire others to stand up for justice and freedom in their own lives.


Screenshot 2023-02-01 213333.jpg


View this exhibition in an interactive 3D virtual showcase. That also includes an audio description of each painting. If you need help navigating the 3D interactive exhibition on your phone. Watch this video that explains how. Click to watch the video. Signup for our newsletter to get updates about the exhibition here.


Lukumi Arlota Writes

"Warfroism" is a collection of stunning portraits that depict freedom fighters from across the African diaspora who have been largely overlooked by history. Through his art, Dismoc Le Ma aims to celebrate these individuals and their contributions to the struggle for freedom and justice.

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Dr. Jacob Caldwell Writes

One of the things that I loved most about working with Dismoc was his ability to bring his art to life through technology. His online exhibition was truly a work of art, and it was a joy to see how his paintings come to life in the digital realm. He truly understands how to use technology to enhance the viewing experience, and it was a pleasure to see his work in this context.

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Lukumi Arlota Writes

One of the things that set Dismoc Le Ma apart from other artists is his ability to capture emotion in his work. Whether it's the sadness of a figure standing in dark isolation or the joyful expression he depicts in his paintings.

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