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Update 3/5/22 this call for entry is now closed. The following poets have been selected:

Akudo Gaius

Poe Tr3s

Shaliyah Keoua

The Ephemera Series is a collaborative collection of short-run exhibitions organized by a select guest curator. The guest curator selects the theme and the art for the exhibition. For our first installment of the series, The Kre8ive Shop has selected Dr. Mugabe as our guest curator. Dr. Mugabe is a retired educator, and art therapist, as well as a long-time supporter of The Kre8ive Shop. Dr. Mugabe has selected a theme focused on black women that will feature poetry and articles by black female writers. The exhibition will be cross-promoted between and The Kre8ive Shop will provide a platform for the art and visuals for the poetry. Artist Take will provide a platform for editorial use.

Calling for Poetry

Calling all black female poets! Get the chance to be featured in our up-and-coming exhibition called The Ephemera Series. Which will be cross-promoted on The Kre8ive Shop and Artist Take. We are looking for video and audio of you reciting your poetry. We welcome all local and international black female poets.


Deadline March 4th (CLOSED)

(Exhibition will run to March 8th-March 29th)

No entry fee

1 poem per entry

If selected:

  • Your poem will be promoted on our websites and all our social media platforms. Which altogether has a following of over 50,000.

  • Get interviewed (Q&A) by one of our contributors on

  • Video recitals, if necessary, will be edited to maximize their performance.

  • Audio recitals will have a customized video montage created.

  • Get featured on our YouTube channel and instantly get a guaranteed minimum of 1000 views per video. Our highest video reached over 80,000 views, and our last poetry video received over 20,000 views.



  • All poets must identify as female and be of African descent.

  • Video and audio must be longer than 30 seconds and under 5 minutes long.

  • All poems must be original, and any plagiarized material will be deleted.

  • Any poems that were previously featured on other platforms must be credited.

  • All poems must be in English.

  • All poems must be in MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) format.

  • Must be 18 years or older.


Things we will consider:

  • If you do not have a video and are unable to record the audio of your poem. We will give you special consideration and, if selected, The Kre8ive Shop will convert your poem into audio using advanced AI software to recite your poem for you.

  • If your video is low quality, grainy, or pixelated, if selected, The Kre8ive Shop will convert your poem into audio and create a customized video montage for you.

  • If your audio is low quality, distorted, or has loud background noise, if selected, The Kre8ive Shop will edit your audio to improve the quality and eliminate any distortion. If we are unsuccessful then, we will convert your poem into audio using advanced AI software to recite your poem for you.


The Kre8ive Shop & Artist Take will not claim the rights to your work. The Kre8ive Shop & Artist Take will only display and promote your work during the exhibition. Each poet will receive full credit for their work.


If you have any issues with submitting your poem please contact us directly. HERE...

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