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This Exhibition has ended but the artwork is still available to view.
However, some functions of the exhibition are unavailable.

Artist Bio:

Davion "Dismoc Le Ma" Coleman is a multidisciplinary designer/artist currently residing and working in St. Louis, MO. His area of focus is mainly print design, illustration, and digital media. In December of 2013, Dismoc joined the RAW: Natural Born Artist organization. Since his joining Dismoc has been featured in eleven showcases in eleven different cities sponsored by RAW. Months after joining RAW, Dismoc was selected for a solo exhibition in St. Charles MO. Dismoc creative workings have been featured with prestigious companies such as Adobe and distinguished wine and spirits such as Seagram’s Gin.

In 2017 Dismoc received the Royal Dragonfly award for his illustrative work on a children's book entitled Smile Big Dream Bigger. In 2019 Dismoc released his first children's book he wrote and illustrated called Paw Paw How Did I Get My Gigabytes. Dismoc is currently continuing his passion for the field, designing for several companies, and spreading his art around the country.

Artist Statement:

Respect The Woman In The Red Dress is a series that explores the journey of finding alignment in a relationship. During the journey, there's a continuous spinning circle that factors several roadblocks. The series represents these roadblocks using artistic elements. The backgrounds of the paintings are in duotone. Utilizing the colors blue and red represents how a relationship can go from cold to hot or vice versa. The series also incorporates typography in the paintings.

DID YOU KNOW??? That artist Dismoc Le Ma incorporated French and Swahili into some of the paintings. Pay close attention to the backgrounds.

Luv at Millikin $728
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Why You So Quiet $300
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Let's Dance $300
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My Favorite Popcorn $300
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Food for Thought $300
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Painful Words $300
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Cherished Memories $300
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Screenshot 2021-11-15 015102.jpg


View this exhibition in an interactive 3D virtual showcase. That also includes an audio description of each painting. If you need help navigating the 3D interactive exhibition on your phone. Watch this video that explains how. Click to watch the video. Signup for our newsletter to get updates about the exhibition here.


Dan Culpepper Writes

I instantly found this remarkable exhibit to be pleasing and informative. The message is compelling, and the symbolism is potent. The 3D interactive portion was mesmerizing. The incredible videos adequately provided an additional layer of splendid entertainment and valuable insight.

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Q&A with VoyageSTL

The road has been the furthest from smooth. As I look back on my journey, all my accomplishments are overshadowed by darkness fueled by continuous family issues and imbalanced relationships.

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Dr. Mugabe Writes

Why is red considered so sensual? Does wearing red make you more attractive, or is it a cry for attention? I have another theory: red is the practice of mediocrity for the non-creative.

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Dismoc Le Ma Writes

Key elements of this painting are essential to having alignment in a relationship. These keys are the following: flexibility, communication, and mending.

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Lukumi Arlota

When you view the artwork you are definitely in for a treat of symbolism and an artist narrative.

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After 8 Year Hiatus!

When I finally had that Ahaaa moment, I became obsessed with this series until its completion.

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