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This Exhibition has ended but the artwork is still available to view.
However, some functions of the exhibition are unavailable.

Artist Bio:

Davion "Dismoc Le Ma" Coleman is a multidisciplinary designer/artist currently residing and working in St. Louis, MO. His area of focus is mainly print design, illustration, and digital media. In December of 2013, Dismoc joined the RAW: Natural Born Artist organization. Since his joining Dismoc has been featured in eleven showcases in eleven different cities sponsored by RAW. Months after joining RAW, Dismoc was selected for a solo exhibition in St. Charles MO. Dismoc creative workings have been featured with prestigious companies such as Adobe and distinguished wine and spirits such as Seagram’s Gin.

In 2017 Dismoc received the Royal Dragonfly award for his illustrative work on a children's book entitled Smile Big Dream Bigger. In 2019 Dismoc released his first children's book he wrote and illustrated called Paw Paw How Did I Get My Gigabytes. Dismoc is currently continuing his passion for the field, designing for several companies, and spreading his art around the country.

Artist Statement:

The Ephemera Series Vol. 1 was designed to show the essence and emotion of black women. The exhibition also collaborates with black female poets, presenting them with a platform to express themselves through poetry. Artist Dismoc Le Ma takes this concept a step further, utilizing videos in connection with poetry and art to exploit the mistreatment of black women. While also advocating for black women's empowerment.



Poe Tr3s

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, she now works as a traveling nurse throughout the United States. Poe Tr3s, whose real name is Poetry, grew up in the poetry scene in New York. Both her parents were poets and writers. She spent her teen years writing poetry and competing in contests. Once she graduated from high school in 2010, she gave up poetry and focused on school and her career. In 2018, she met fellow artist Dismoc Le Ma, who inspired her to begin writing again. She met Dismoc Le Ma at an art show in Brooklyn, New York, that he was featured in. While there, she fell in love with two of his paintings that were based on poetry. After seeing his art, she began writing.

Artist Interview

Akudo Gaius

Originally from Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, she currently resides in Birmingham, England. Akudo has lived in four countries, including her home country, Nigeria, England, the United States, and Canada. Akudo first fell in love with poetry back in 2012 when she lived in the United States. She went to an open mic in Oakland, California, and heard spoken word poetry for the first time. She was so moved by the art form that she began writing poetry herself. Her shyness didn't allow her to recite her poems, but she found peace with writing and sharing her work with others.

Artist Interview

Shaliyah Keoua

She spent her early childhood in Pointe-Noire, Republic of Congo. She later moved to Montreal, Québec, Canada when she was eleven with her family. When she moved to Montreal, her teachers encouraged her to write poetry as a means of expressing herself. Shaliyah had a hard time adjusting to the Canadian lifestyle, so she used poetry as a way to vent her frustration. During her time as a young adult, she lived in several countries, including the United States, Jamaica, Belize, England, Spain, Australia, Nigeria, and South Africa. During her time in these countries, she used her poetry to teach kids English, French, and Spanish.

Artist Interview



Dismoc Le Ma Writes

My upcoming exhibition hosted by The Kre8ive Shop will comprise a collaborative collection of short-run exhibitions organized by a select guest curator.

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Dr. Mugabe Writes

The guest curator, Dr. Mugabe of The Ephemera Series Vol. 1 share her thoughts about the initial planning of the exhibition.

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