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In the Children's Book Package, you will receive a limited exclusive offer of Davion Coleman's new children's book entitled "A Good Morning With My Father" only available as an ebook. You will also receive a physical copy of "Paw-Paw how did I get my gigabytes!"; a limited edition t-shirt, a positive affirmation poster, and a paper toy. For an all-inclusive price of $75 which includes free shipping and handling when you use "Books4kids" promo code at checkout.


"A Good Morning With My Father" (ebook) includes PDF/EPUB formats, mp3 of the story, as well as an ebook with audio PDF format. "A Good Morning With My Father" is about a positive relationship between a father and daughter. The daughter is eager to go to school, and the father is supportive of her efforts while struggling to help her with not so simple tasks like braiding her hair.


All items valued at $90.

Children's Book Package

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