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Meet The Team!

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Meet Our Team Of Writers

Dr. Osiris LaMario Delany Ed.D M.B.A. – Contributing Writer

Dr. Osiris LaMario Delany is an international professor of African studies, a prominent sociologist, and a business expert. In addition, Dr. Delany is a long-time business writer and a longtime advocate for children's literacy. Dr. Delany has spent the last ten years abroad traveling to numerous countries donating books and giving lectures on financial literacy. Dr. Delany is also long-time photography lover and a painting hobbyist.

Tony Steward Sr. – Contributing Writer

Tony Steward Sr. is an international multifacet artist specializing in photography and stain glass painting. Tony is a long-time educator of art history and photography, which he has tough in Europe, Germany, and the United States.

Lukumi Arlota – Contributing Writer

Lukumi Arlota is a mental health advocate, black empowerment activist, public speaker, marketing expert and business owner.

Gina Morano M.B.A. / Super artist – Contributing Writer

Gina Morano is a creative genius and marketing guru! Gina is a lover of food and a music fanatic. Gina loves to let the world know that she's from Brooklyn NY.

Davion Coleman – Chief Editor / Writer

Davion Coleman is the owner of thekre8iveshop.com and davioncolemankre8ive.com. Davion is an award-winning illustrator and designer. Davion creative workings have been featured with prestigious companies such as Adobe and distinguished wine and spirits such as Seagram’s Gin. Davion specializes in visual art, design, marketing, and all aspects of business. "No Pic" Qua Mayn – Contributing Writer

Qua Mayn is a successful entrepreneur, longtime educator, world traveler and has invested twenty years in the educational field and ten years as a business consultant.

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Davion Coleman Artist | Designer

– Creator of The Kre8ive Shop

& davioncolemankre8ive.com


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